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Social Distance Pipe is a small, start up business in the Cannabis Industry. We believe in Sustainability, preserving our planet, and better living for people.

SDP is made of hemp paper and is 100 percent hand made.  It is foldable for flat storage, pop-up for micro dose, recycled after use.  SDP also encourages consumers not to share pipes during the Pandemic

SDP can be easily stored in your pocket, a hand bag, a purse, or in your wallet. DSP is discrete, comes in handy during desperate times, and discarded (recycled) after used. With SDP, you always get a fresh new pipe.

What is SDP?

Social Distance Pipe (SDP) – a Disposable Hemp paper pipe utilized to consume micro-dosing of CBD flower or Cannabis flower. SDP is designed to be flatten to store in your pocket, in a wallet, inside a small jar, or in a ziplock bag. After usage, SDP is recyclable. SDP can be taken on travels, vacations, workouts, or camping trips.

What makes SDP social distance?

During COVID-19 pandemic, reconsider sharing and passing a pipe with your friends. Instead, bring your personal SDP to a social gathering to be used only by you! Bring a few extras for your friends. Dispose or recycle after use.